Drawing knowledge and suggestions from her origins: childhood in Sicily. Not only the architectures, furnishings, artifacts and nature in which she is immersed are influencing and enchanting her, but also a way of being, living and creating which is authentic and practical, escaping from haste, focusing on manual work and aroused by simple and genuine values. A world she will take with herself even when she will leave Sicily first travelling in Italy with her parents and then moving in Milan for studying. After the beginning of her career in a stylist office, she will begin to follow the most important European fashion shows. In Paris she notices for the first time an old loom: following this encounter her first fabrics are born. With which, from then on, in Nineties she realizes her first bags, using ancient techniques to produce innovative and absolutely new garments. Original: in which art and fashion, tradition and contemporaneity, sustainability and habits merge and confuse. Finding a synthesis. We are beyond happy to offer Maria La Rosa both in-store and online at Moniker

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