Being the brainchild of Magnus Thorud, Kolour’s Jewelry is highly influenced by the founder's combined experience and background in fashion and retail. Magnus founded Scandinavia’s leading fashion showroom, Blender Agency, in 2003. 

Kolour’s Jewelry is influenced by the minimal and subtle Scandinavian design tradition, placed in a global context. Taking the best precious materials from the jewelry industry – the gold and the diamonds – and giving it a fashion twist by adding colors to the designs, Kolour’s Jewelry creates the option to design something bespoke.

The endless options of the collection are the pure essence of Kolour’s jewelry. Every single style in the collection is offered in 24 different color combinations, and while being a stackable jewelry concept, you can combine styles and colors to obtain an individual and highly personal look. We are extremely excited to offer Kolour's Jewelry both in-store and online at Moniker Oslo.

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