BLOOM OBJECTS, founded by Pernille Vejbæk in 2023, is based in Denmark. 3D printed, sculptural & collectable pieces. The idea was born out of the desire to bring the future a little bit closer to the present by creating products that were not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious by combining technology, design, and sustainability. All objects are inspired by the beauty of nature, feminine curves, and soft organic shapes. 

Every object is designed and produced in Aarhus, Denmark. The technology of 3D printing allows the use of 100% bio-sourced and biodegradable bioplastic - based on renewable resources, corn or sugarcane. The name BLOOM OBJECTS means "the flower of a plant" which refers to the plants used in the production & the desire to bring the energy of nature into your surroundings, allowing the objects to bloom and flourish in your space. Let it bloom. 

We are very excited to offer Bloom Objects both in-store and online at Moniker Oslo

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