Sophie Bille Brahe
was founded in 2011 with a debut collection featuring among other pieces the Croissant de Lune earring, a diamond earring that would become a classic signature design, beloved by clients.

Each collection begins with Sophie creating a universe, immersing herself in a world, whether that’s ancient Egypt, constellations or Japanese mythology. Her references often come from the night sky. Sophie possess an unique understanding of what women want to wear, and has a talent for finding new ways of thinking about jewellery.

Sophie’s love of storytelling is inherited, passed down through generations, beginning with her great-great-great grandfather who was the celebrated astronomer Tycho Brahe.

Sophie Bille Brahe's pieces are luxurious and classic, but always with a “tiny clash” – a detail or twist bringing a modern attitude. Sophie Bille Brahe and her team work from an office and showroom in central Copenhagen.